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Garage door spring replacement cost

Garage Door Spring Replacement costTLDR: Garage springs cost about $100-$300 to repair; garage door spring replacement costs more. Natural wear causes your garage springs to decline in performance over time. Excessive noise and uncontrolled operation are the two main signs that your garage springs are wearing out. By performing routine maintenance and inspections, you can save tons of money on costly garage door related repairs.

How important are garage door springs

Garage door springs are the primary component of garage doors that make them function. Your garage springs are responsible for pulling your garage doors up and down. Since garage springs are mechanical devices, they’re subject to material wear. Consistent use over time causes your garage springs to deteriorate.

Once this happens, you’ll notice a substantial decrease in the efficiency of your garage doors. To solve the problem, you have two options. You can either repair your garage springs or replace them entirely. In severe cases, a damaged garage spring can result in your garage door not opening.

To find out how to handle broken garage springs, continue reading.

Garage door spring replacement cost

On average, broken garage springs cost about $100-$350 to repair. If your garage springs are damaged beyond repair, you’ll have to replace them entirely. Replacing garage springs varies in price depending on the type of springs you choose to install.

Replacing garage springs is a tricky and dangerous task. So, you shouldn’t attempt the procedure unless you have prior experience. Doing so can result in bad accidents that lead to injury or worse. Imbalanced garage springs can also cause functionality problems.

You can diagnose broken garage door springs by seeing if they make a lot of noise. If you notice excessive noises, it’s a sign you need to replace your garage doors springs. Garage doors that move too fast are signaling spring damage. When your garage doors are off-track, it’s a clear sign that spring damage exists.

Here is a breakdown of the typical garage door spring replacement costs:

⦁ Imbalanced Springs- $45-$65
⦁ Damaged Safety Cables- $150-$200
⦁ Excessive Noises- $5-$6

You can avoid spending money on garage spring repairs or replacements. All you have to do is maintain a strict maintenance schedule throughout the year.

Choosing the correct garage door spring replacement provider

If your garage springs need repair or replacement, you’ll need to find a service provider equipped to help.

When doing so, it’s essential to check the reviews of each company. This enables you to perform a quality check. So, you can ensure you’re spending money with a reputable repair provider.

Ask your friends or go online and check out topic-specific discussion boards to find out about the various providers nearest you.

People Also Ask

Q: How much does it cost to replace spring on a garage door?
A: on average, it costs about $100-$300 to replace garage door springs. Commercial grade garage springs cost more.

Q: Can I replace garage door spring myself?
A: While it’s possible, you shouldn’t attempt to replace your garage springs. Unless you have lots of experience, replacing the torsion springs incorrectly can result in severe injury or damage.

Q: How long do garage door springs last?
A: garage door springs last 7-9 years on average. That’s only with moderate use. With increased usage, your garage doors may only last 4-6 years total.

Understanding the garage door spring replacement cost

Now, there’s never a reason for faulty garage springs to keep you out of commission. Use all the tips and information in this article so you can handle your garage repair needs properly. For services please contact Discount Door Service today.

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