Home HVAC Maintenance Tips

Essential Home HVAC Maintenance Tips for your Air-conditioning Units

Many of the air conditioning unit problems you encounter in your own home arise from simple maintenance lapses which you can easily remedy yourself. These includes simple cleaning and periodic check-ups of your air-conditioning systems especially those outdoor condenser units which may prove crucial for its long-term efficiency that could save you the cost of a professional maintenance. Here are some essential home HVAC maintenance tips for your air-conditioning units:

  • Probably the simplest and the most important step in AC unit maintenance is to clean or replace the air filter at least every month. Follow manual filter cleaning procedures and let the filter dry before reinstalling. Do not turn on the unit with the filter removed.
  • It is advisable to get a professional tune-up for central air conditioners for your home whenever cool seasons approaches. This will prevent major problems with your AC unit arising from cold weather.
  • If you hear a grating or clicking noise from the condenser unit, the blades maybe striking an obstruction most probably. Replace any bent blades as a result and do not attempt to straighten them up for reuse. It can loosen the fan motor or worse, hit the condenser coils. Make sure the new replacement blades rotate freely and don’t wobble.
  • Outdoor condenser units should be cleaned periodically especially during the summer. Remove leaves or any debris from the unit.
  • Before the cold season approaches, clean fan blades and coils from the outdoor condenser fan to keep it running efficiently. Remove fan blades and grill and clean them thoroughly. Then clean the dirty sides of the condenser coils and the insides of the unit using water while protecting the motor and other sensitive components by covering them with plastic bags. Remove any accumulated debris and dirt from the base pan located under the unit. Remember to turn off the condenser unit whenever you do this kind of cleaning procedure.
  • Make sure to make room for at least 2 feet of clearance for your outdoor condenser units above and on each side. Keep the fan grill free of leaves during fall and when mowing lawn, keep the clippings away from the condenser unit.